Minecraft Hosting

Starting at $2.00per month
  • Unlimited player slots.
  • Multicraft control panel.
  • Fully customizable
  • FTP Access

Website Hosting

Starting at $3.00per month
  • FTP Access
  • cPanel Hosting Provided!
  • Amazing Amount of Storage!
  • Cheap and Reliable Domain Hosting!

VPS Hosting

Starting at $11.00per month
  • BIOS level KVM Provided!
  • Packages Ranging up to 6GB of RAM!
  • Unlimited Bandwidth!
  • Fast Setup!

Why Choose Us ?

A few reasons to chose our host over any other.

  • Unbelievable Value We strive to bring you the best prices we can give, Understanding that quality hosting at an affordable price is important when starting a business, or starting a community.
  • Technology We work hard to make improvements to our equipment and software every day. Your data is important to us, so we work on new methods to keep it safe.
  • Reliability Our services and support are always there when it matters most. it does not matter if you are moving from a host, or need assistance with a current service.
  • Technical SupportOur support is available when you need us, and are able to get you up and ready no matter what the issue.